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Advice given

At ren faire a weekend or two ago, I have some advice that I keep thinking over and how awesome it was. Was talking to a younger...17 year old boy who mentioned how he would fight and torment and tease his sister when they were younger. But they got along okay now.

I asked him if he ever apologized for what he did. He said yes he did. I asked him then did he ever think about what damage he caused her. Because he may have apologized for his actions but there are consequences and damage from those actions that I knew had not healed in the girl yet. When I mentioned the damage he did, he actually seemed to take it in and realize that what he did was not simply something bad, that one can just say sorry about but that he had done so much more then he realized.

I keep thinking on that. We say sorry for what we have done but generally not for all the damage we caused for our actions.

Sep. 11th, 2015

Because I don't want to post to Facebook so much today. Went to lunch with a coworker and now happily sipping Thai tea. All it needs is some Boba.

Thought 2. I'm worried that I'm stretching my stomach out. I use to only be able to eat 3 spring rolls. Now I can eat 4. Or 3 and some liquid. I'm happier with this amount of food, because before it was just so little, this feels better. But I'm worried that my stomach will continue to stretch and I'll be back were I was before. That scares me.

Thought 3. Oh gods it is 9/11. I hate the day and all the memorials and such. They keep asking where were you when it happened, etc... but I don't like to say. I don't like to remember. Mostly because people don't believe me. They can't understand how it feels to live with my burden. I have mentioned it on lj before, so don't want to go through it/in to it. Let it pass.


So one of my guilty pleasures is looking at houses on zillow. Saw a house in the perfect location, right size and it was even yellow. I so just want to buy it. I have enough to do a second house as I'm putting so much down per month extra on my current house. That could cover this house. But I won't. But oh so tempting. But I would have to move cross country, find a job out there and everything. I like my current job. Next year we will have our own Wizarding world. I get my parents house eventually.

Weekend report

So went from work to the gaming Convention. Played star munchkin, then a game called revolution. Play tested a word game thing, and a rabbit adoption game. And a gun fight game. Stayed up way too late in a werewolf game. Woke way to early to drive my dad and a friend Judy from our gaming group to the convention.

Played even more games. Dungeon brawl, munchkin quest, revolution again, some play test of a dice magic user thing. Another play test of a cruise ship dining game (was bad but not as bad as the rabbit game).

Spent a lot of time making sure Judy was playing games she would enjoy and understand. (She is 70 with some brain damage). Left her at the werewolf 101, while I played steam punk larp game. (I'm not stream punk but the game was fun). Everyone was designing air ships, and I was a judge. I made some comments that had the group dying with laughter. I was the one who cared about aesthetics. What color they would paint the air ship, what they would be serving for lunch. Got one team to employ midgets as they would be shorter and lighter. So the ship would be more aerodynamic.

Had so much fun that on Sunday I came back to the convention to play in their other larp. Which was a 70's theme. I had a pet bear and was a total hippie. Kept talking about the earth mother. Was not sure if I was to be very vocal about my knowledge of the robotic bees, but figured it was my hidden thing. But later found it should have been public. It was fun but the night before had been even more fun.

Monday I did nothing. Was suppose to do stuff and didn't.

Weekend report

Okay so after the boring ren faire rehearsal, where the queen from the other guild kept trying to steal me, I went home and worked on needlepoint.

Monday night went to a belegarth fighter practice, ran into an old foam fighting buddy from the group I tried to start last year. I think he likes me, but he's to young. But then I feel like a hypocrite when the guy I do want is so young. But he doesn't seem so young. This guy does.

Video editing

Woot, I got permission to make a doll video using draco and the malfoys music. It's good to be friends with wrockers. I have storyboard the vid in my head will get to work on it soon. Will take time to do, but yeah for new doll vid.

Mike & the Romanian

So I was contacted by my old old friend Mike Slaton (mentioned it a day or so ago). I haven't talked with him in over a year but he's an old and close friend that is at the level of being okay to call out of the blue. Turns out he's contacting me because he wants to borrow money. Just $100, he needs more but that's all he will ask for from me.

So why does he need the money?
Because he has found the girl of his dreams and she is getting kicked out of her apartment and needs to find another one, and he wants to help her out before the situation gets worse. So I look to find out who this girl is, I have a spare room (and have helped out guys in the past with rooming their girlfriends with me, sure it went badly with crazy girl but I still try and help). The girl lives in Romania, they have never met, and been 'together' for about 7 months. Mike swears it's true love, and she's the one.

Her name is: Andreea Alina Sackman
She has 2 facebook accounts, and the other one has a nickname/artist name of 'Naomi Jackson'.
Mike has seen her ID & Passport, and has talked with her regularly via Google Talk/Video.
The girl admitted to me that she's been married to a US guy before, and divorced him because he wanted her to move to the US. So she has no interest or intent to move to the States to be with Mike. This was right before she blocked me from her FB account.
Mike can not support himself much less her. She commented if she wanted to scam a guy she would go for a rich guy not Mike (who is unemployeed and lives at home). However I've been reading on-line and the Romanians will go after even the unemployeed because they believe even poor in the US have plenty of money in the bank. Mike is attempting to borrow from friends and to sell his stuff to get money for this girl. It's really sad.
She has no public photos of her self, and her posts are all rather fluff.
The people who have posted/liked her FB are people in romanian (several single females like her with similar profiles where everything is hidden/blocked), found 3 non-romanian guys, and each one is single and living in very different parts of the US. The guys also don't seem to use FB much. but I've messaged them to make sure she's not in relationships with these guys as well.
I told Mike she should ask her family/local friends for help/money, but the girl can't. She comes from a bad family situation and so doesn't associate with them. Doesn't trust people, and thus doesn't really have friends to help her out either. (Big warning flag!)
I told Mike she should at least acknowledge they are in a Relationship on FB. She can't because her family will think she has a rich US boyfriend and bother her about it. (another Warning flag!) If she has nothing to do with her family then they shouldn't be bothering her about having a relationship.
So I am now having a few of Mike and I's mutual friends attempt to friend this girl. If she really loves him, she should want to be part of his world, get to know his friends. But we know she won't.
I dared question and have tried to make Mike question her, and she's blocked me on FB. If she cared about him, she would care about his friends feelings, not try and separate him from his friends.
See in Romania they do the Love Scam, because if you send money to someone to help out because you love them it really can't be traced, it's not a scam that can proven really. Maybe I'm wrong and they have a real relationship...


So I'm bad at house cleaning. I've been thinking of getting a maid. But instead I have finally bought a robot vacuum. I hope that does enough cleaning to satisfy me. The tub will need work, and dusting, but better then nothing.


So been at my new job long enough, that I have medical coverage again. So yesterday went and had my blood work done, and seeing my dr. On Monday in regards to my thyroid. So last time my tsh was high (meaning needing more meds). I was increased to an extra half pill once a week. So 200 mg, but 300 once a week on Fridays. Now my tsh is back to extremely low. As for my free t4, it's been about the same both times. My free t4 doesn't change much, starting in the normal range while my tsh keeps bouncing around.


I just made a ton of butterbeer. More butterbeer then my co-workers can drink...but...I have a quidditch game on Saturday, so the rest can be brought to that. Seems that because our group at work have done skits for two years, another group is doing a skit this year as well. Ours is Harry Potter this year and thus the butterbeer.